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Oxford Travel is a young and dynamic company, that has opened its doors with the main objective of providing our customers a personalized and efficient service.

Our task is to fulfill the expectations of those who come to us seeking for advice on how to plan and carry out their trips.

The Special Services Department of Oxford Travel, managed by professionals on national and international tourism with years of experience in leading travel agencies, is specialized in planning and operating theme groups and events.

Providing services to congress assistants has peculiar characteristics that require previous experience in this line of work. Foreign visitors wish to optimize their stay in Argentina to reach the most outstanding locations of our country.

There are also special groups that require a tailor made organization for specific purposes.

There are those who wish to live an intense and unique experience in these distant lands.

For each one of them, Oxford Travel has a wide range of services to satisfy their needs. From a simple and traditional tourist visit, to adventure tourism and science tours. All these, and whatever you require, Oxford Travel can organize and carry out.

Our services are at your disposal to provide the participants of the Underground Water and Human Development Congress the best options to make their stay in Argentina, professionally and personally, unforgettable.

Thank you for getting in touch with us.